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All of our translators have at least five years’ experience and evidence of their work in their various fields of expertise.

How everything started

Cristbet came about in 1989 and was formally set up during the 90’s. Existing for 4 decades in Portugal, in two of the specialist translation fields – subtitling and simultaneous interpreting – the number of professionals was wearing thin and there was no specific training, which meant the market was on the whim of the few translators around. Very swiftly, though, the same inexorable market rewarded quality professionals by giving them its vote of confidence. Here, Cristbet’s founder prevailed and stood out.




Cristbet is always ahead of its time when it comes to human and technical capabilities and we focus wholly on our customers’ needs. One-of-a-kind company in Portugal by combining the various translation-based services. This unique structure has led to its renown on the national and international markets.



Cristbet offers more: more quality, more rigour and more value. We know the importance of work side by side with our clients promoting their growth and potencial.



We strictly abide by the non-disclosure of any type of material entrusted to us, whether for spoken or written translation. At Cristbet we know that the material does not belong to us and no matter what kind, it shall never be disclosed or commented, in part or in full, before or after it has been translated. We have non-disclosure agreements available. Our credibility is due to the exhaustive selection and loyalty of a team of highly competent national and foreign translators, who are committed to constantly updating and refreshing their know-how.

"You can never understand one language until you understand at least two"

- Geoffrey Willians

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