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Cristbet is a one-of-a-kind company in Portugal by combining the various translation-based services. 

Serviço de tradução CristBet


Translation is about converting texts and ideas from a source language into a target language and thereby creating a new construction that is faithful to the original in its form and content.

CRISTBET believes in general, and particularly due to our core mission, that translation builds bridges between people, cultures and businesses in our current multi-cultural and multi-lingual world.

We’ve translated hundreds of pages of advertising texts, books, magazines, audio guides, tourist guides, and specific texts in fields as diverse as law, business management, economics, finances, medicine, veterinary medicine, and international politics, to name but a few.

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Subtitling, which enables a person to hear the original lines and read their translation is essential to fully enjoy all foreign audiovisual content that pervades our everyday life nowadays, in its many shapes and forms.

CristBet works with the main national and international TV broadcasters and content producers. All of our customers bear witness to our outstanding quality, work capacity and strict compliance with deadlines. CristBet has almost 30 years’ experience in this area and we’ve progressed alongside the developments and revolutions in the sector, yet always faithful to our tradition of excellence.

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Cristbet - Serviço de Legendagem

Trabalhos Laboratoriais


CRISTBET offers translation and subtitling services in digital format, both SD and HD, in various video formats through our equipment and technology with broadcast quality. Our character insertion can be done digitally (file) or analogically (Betacams).

We also transcode files (MOV, MPEG, IMX, etc) or from Betacams to broadcast. These conversions can be between different digital formats or else from file to tape and vice-versa.

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Dubbing ads and films is an increasingly sought after service. CristBet offers an integrated solution, from translation and speech adaptation, with or without a script, to choosing the voiceover, coordination of actors/narrators, recording, mixing and editing.

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Serviço de Dobragem

Serviços de Interpretação Simultânea Remota


The interpreter shares the speaker’s tone of speech and conviction in his or her simultaneous translation. As such, the many source languages will lead to a coherent message delivered in the target languages.
Our experience spanning over 20 years in conference interpreting is represented in customer satisfaction, in various sectors.
We are guided by the Code of Professional Ethics of ALIC – The Lusophone Association of Conference Interpreters, of which are members – and we observe the international standards issued by AIIC (Association Internationale des Interprètes de Conférence), based in Switzerland.

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Interpretação Simultânea

Simultaneous Interpreting

As the name implies, simultaneous interpreting is translation at the same time as the speaker is delivering his or her speech. It is delivered to the audience by headsets in practically real-time. It is used in large-scale events, such as congresses, conferences and seminars. It normally implies the use of sound-proof booths, as well as specific equipment and technicians. In certain cases, mobile translation equipment can be used as an alternative to booths, and these are less costly. Two interpreters are always required for each language pair, as they alternate every 20 to 30 minutes.
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Interpretação Consecutiva

Consecutive Interpreting

In this format, at the end of each small block of ideas/speech, the speaker pauses to let the interpreter deliver the speech. Consecutive interpreting is very simple. The speaker speaks, the interpreter listens and take notes and then delivers the speech in the target language. It is an option for smaller-scale events, such as meetings or training courses. No translation booth is required, although it may be necessary to use headsets and microphones in the room, depending on the space layout and the number of listeners. In consecutive interpreting, it’s the general ideas that are translated, rather than the individual words. CRISTBET will help you find the best format for you.

Interpretação Murmurada

Whispered Interpreting

Whispered interpreting or chuchotage is the type of simultaneous interpreting most suited for small groups, two listeners maximum. In such cases, the interpreter sits next to the listeners and whispers the translation of what is being said.

The interpreter may use audio equipment to improve acoustics.

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