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Etymologically, the verb “to translate” comes from the Latin “traducere”, which means “to pass on”, as one passes on a ring or a code, “to lead someone by the hand to another place”, “to transpose from one language to another”. It resembles another verb of movement, “to seduce” – “seducere”, in its original Latin form, which indicates the attraction of one place (person) to another.

To quote Philippe Magnan Gariso, “…what is a faithful translation? When can a translation be defined as faithful? And what should we think of a faithful translator? A loyal translator, yes, but loyal to whom or to what?”

We have to understand that translation is the passage of “translation units” of messages, let’s say, from one language to another, a passage characterised by a handful of constraints or rules so that the message that reaches the recipient has a minimum degree of coherence, correctness and “fidelity”.

Translation, broadly defined, is therefore the art of converting words written in one language – called the “source language” – into other words in another language, the “target language”.

It could be said that every adult has needed some kind of translation at some point in their life.

In fact, the increasing globalisation of companies and businesses means that there is a growing need to translate documents and procedures into several languages, and there is also a growing number of people working in foreign countries whose languages they often don’t speak. Manuals, work methods, and all written communication will therefore have to be translated into one or more languages.

The production and dissemination of technical, literary, academic, and other texts is also aimed at speakers of different languages and need to be translated.

There are also many sectors vital to the proper functioning of society that need technical translation; for example, in a field as fundamental as legal matters, translation becomes essential, whether through legal, judicial or sworn translations.

Judicial translation

Legal translations are those based on documents used in legal proceedings to guarantee their authenticity. These are birth or marriage certificates, property deeds, lawsuits, among others.

In general, these are called “sworn translations”, where the translator swears “public faith” to the final version of the document in terms of the quality and reliability of the translation in relation to the original document by means of a signature and stamp.

Legal translation covers agreements, manuals, scientific articles on law, and any other legal texts.

Translators need extensive knowledge of legal vocabulary. This type of translation serves to guarantee the accuracy of the final version in relation to the original, as if the translation were a basic text written by legal professionals.

Rely on an excellent translation service

In today’s multicultural and multilingual world, and even in the age of Artificial Intelligence, CristBet believes in translation by human translators. It also believes that its mission is to build bridges between people, cultures, and businesses.

Aware of the importance of technical translation being carried out by qualified and experienced professionals, we select our employees carefully and according to their own skills for each project.

Over the course of our almost 25 years of existence, CristBet has translated hundreds of pages of advertising texts, books, magazines, audio guides, tourist itineraries, articles, and specific texts on subjects as varied as law, management, economics, finance, medicine, veterinary medicine, and international politics, among others.

Our customers’ level of satisfaction is extremely high and we have kept many loyal clients over the years, which has allowed us not only to continue in the market, but also to excel in our profession.

As a result of the work we’ve done and the inherent research and learning, we have specialised in various specific areas of translation, such as technical manuals, commercial and legal texts and medical texts, among others. Some of the most renowned international organisations often use our services.

When it comes to choosing the right partner for your translation needs, CristBet stands out as a benchmark. Regarded as a respected and dedicated translation company, CristBet brings a wealth of experience and professionalism to every project it embraces.

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